Super Smash Flash 2


Super smash flash 2 is the sequel for Super Smash Flash 1 and it is shortened to SSF2. It is a reboot of the first SSF and it is developed by the Super Smash Bros. It was scheduled to be released in the year 2008 but it was delayed for many reasons and even if the game had to be delayed but it came with enough new features that made the wait to be worth it. The game has improved running speed, AI, Graphic and sprites.

The game has many features from Brawl game.  The health of the character is measured based on the percentage of the damage counter. There is the menu that the player can use to customize controls while the camera may zoom out or in so that the characters can be fit at the screen.

Game play

The controls of the game are somehow different compared to the old version. The controls that are set as default can be switched. The keys in the game are important since they are the one that move the characters around; they make them to crouch or to jump.  The P and O keys are also available in the new game yandere simulator. O key is used to make special attacks, P key is for standard attacks, L key is used for the shield and 1 key is used to taunt. P2 uses the numpad while 1 is for special attacks or it can activate the Final Smash. Numpad 2 can be used for standard attack while the numpad 3 may be used for shield and the numpad 4 is for taunting.  The player may choose to change the controls as he wants in option menu.



The stock mode and the time mode have some mechanisms that were found with the previous game. Now, the player can use special modes found with past game while there are others that are exclusively to be used with Super Smash Flash 2.

The game features many characters compared to the old game. Now the game has over 32 playable characters and there is normal and special attack or unique final smash capacity.  The new game has a new feature that allows him to download new characters which is called expansion characters.  This new features makes it possible to combine new characters.

What’s new

The game features new stages. The game has new custom stages and new modes that are featured and they include even the old ones. The super smash flash had got overwhelmingly positive response based on the drawbacks of the first game.  Mega Man X may have come back in the SSF2 but it was replaced by the use of real Mega Man which is sparked by the controversy in regards if the Mega Man has to be considered like a veteran and newcomer.

Super Smash Flash got positive response after the popularity of the Super Smash Bros, the fan games on the internet can be abandoned or incomplete or they have few playable characters. There are different attributes for the success of the Super Smash flash but there are some areas that are the copy of other popular games.