How to Play Mini Baccarat

Mini baccarat is one of the simplest games where the player is limited to deciding the kind of bet to make. The game is played on a mini baccarat table which has several areas including chip stacks, commission boxes, tie betting area, banker betting area, player betting area and the shoe.

Before we get to the games, let’s get the basics right. When it comes to casino games its rules first so before we start on how to play mini baccarat, here are the rules:

  1. Both the banker and the drawer draw two cards each at a time.
  2. If either one of their cards totals 8 or 9, they both automatically stand.
  3. The player stands if their total is 6 or 7.
  4. The banker hits a total of 5 or less if the player stands.
  5. The banker gives the player a third card if the player automatically hits by having a total is 5 or less.
  6. A third card is drawn by the banker if the drawer receives a third card. This is according to a set of instructions as shown below. They are known as the baccarat drawing rules:

Banker’s total Player’s total 0, 1 or 2 draw a third card

3 if players thirds card is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 or 0, banker draws

4 if player’s third card is 2, 3,4,5,6 or 7, banker draws

5 if player’s third card is 4, 5, 6 or 7, banker draws

6 if player’s third card is 6 or 7, banker draws banker stands

  1. The one with the total close to 9 wins ones the final cads are dealt.

The player can bet in the following ways:

– Bet in their own hands and face a 1.24%house edge

– Bet on banker’s hand and face a house edge of 0.6 for 4% house cut or 1.06% for 5% house cut.

– Tie bet and face a hose bet of between 5% and 14%

Note that a house edge is the average profit of a casino from a player’s bet.

To improve your odds, avoid the tie bet.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. First, ensure that you bet according to the betting rules. The betting rules include:

Betting on the player’s hands – this is done by placing the gaming chips in the player area such that you win when the player’s hand is greater than that of the dealer.

Betting on the banker’s hands – this is done by placing the gaming chips in front of the banker’s area such that you win if the banker’s area is greater than that of the player.

Betting on the tie hand – this is done by placing the gaming chips in the tie area such that if there is a tie the bets in either the baker or the player are returned but they can be left for the next round.

  1. The dealer deals four cards facing up, two cards to the payer’s and two to the banker’s hand
  2. Dealer deals the third cards to one or both hands while following the rules of the baccarat drawings
  3. The dealer compares the values in the hands of both the player and the banker
  4. The dealer collects the bets that are lost and pays the winning

The Dragon Bonus wager has to be made by the players before the “no more bets.” is called by the dealer. When your hand is a natural winner then the Dragon Bonus wins, this is also the case when your non natural hand wins by four points at the least. The larger the margin of victory, with Non-Natural winners, the large the payout. The Dealer deals the traditional Mini-Baccarat hand in accordance with the house procedures. The Dealer reconciles the traditional Mini-Baccarat wagers when the hand is over, according to the house procedures.

The house will remove losing bets immediately and then pay the winners.

Next time you think of casino games, you can start with mini baccarat since you now know how to play mini baccarats.

Can the online casino gambling bring you joy?

Online Casino Enjoyed By Players

Some players can claim that online casinos with prepaid payment methods give them a feeling of excitement. However, some players don’t even know this feeling, because they play free online games and don’t have the heart to turn to the real gambling. Online casino games can become a routine, that doesn’t give you any emotions. But you should receive some emotions while gambling, otherwise you lose a whole point of playing in online casino with prepaid payment methods.

And let these emotions be positive! And to have positive emotions we should play online casino games that accept prepaid payment methods not for winning but for entertainment. You can say that you entertain yourself with hundreds other ways, but don’t you feel that unique excitement while playing in online casino? The feeling you have while playing online casino with prepaid payment methods can be described and called with different words, but the most accurate definition is the gambling excitement.

And it’s really important to perceive this feeling in a right way. If you don’t feel any need for it and you are scared to death that you are gonna lose, you’d better stop playing online casino with prepaid payment methods on real money. This game will never bring you joy, pleasure and satisfaction. At the same time if you hold breath and your heart starts beating high when you just think about online casino games, then you are on the right track for sure.

Lotto is probably the most popular gambling game the world over. Governments and cities have found it an easy way to raise money for public use such as hospitals and sport facilities and the game thrives on man’s greed for instant wealth. Pick the correct 6 numbers in a Lotto game and you wake up a rich man. In fact this is exactly what happens. In 6/49 Lotto, you have one chance in about 12 million of getting it right, not bad odds when there are millions and millions of people playing. And it is this slim chance that keeps people buying Lotto tickets and dreaming of what they will do with the millions they win.

These are the real joys of gambling, not the stories of the man who sits through the night in a smoke filled casino feeding coins into a slot machine and futilely pulling the handle hoping for a jackpot that is never going to come.

The moral of these stories is simple. Buying a Lotto ticket and dreaming of your win can bring you joy! But if you are not getting any pleasure or joy out of gambling, give it up and find yourself a new pastime.

Esports Tips and Tricks

Did you see? mmm What a noob!! You said you can’t say the N-word! No I know That was dumb my bad You said that only noobs can say that word to eachother Yeah I know, It’s pretty accurate Look do you see?! Hips first like this Look!

You do it! Like This? No one likes tryhards mmm Hey!

No we were only stretching a bit! Before, I mean between the gaming sessions, I’m not crazy You can’t sit for too long, right Oliver Look! I like this one! INFINITE DAB! It’s much more fun if you also do it!

Prefect that you guys are back Today we will play Ninja It’s crazy! Well Oliver had to skip school to prectice his aim and his english We have practised some sentences like Oh Ninja you are so good It would be a shame if you would send all you 20 million subscribers to my little channel The laugh at the end is very important I didn’t go to school this week but but we did practise english I will tell my teacher that Like that, Good there Like that okey! Have you overclocked your GPU as I said?

What did he say? Remember, be cute now! Do you like dogs?

I love dogs! What?! What did he say?

HELLO NINJAS SORRY CAN YOU PLEASE SHOUTOUT THE CHANNEL AND MAYBE GIVE OLIVER ALL YOUR SUBSCRIBERS? DUDE ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?! What did he say? He said that he would think about it… Okej good! We are gonna be famous! It’s totaly crazy.

Next goal has to be to play with Ali-A For you that don’t get it Oliver has played golf with Zlatan Ibrahimovic Live on Kunskapkanalen! (similar to Discovery Channel) Haa what a thing! And I fixed it! Now it’s time to play some games Remember what I told you But You are… No!

You are 12 now, it’s time to switch game to CS! So you can shoot some HS and stuff like that (swedish “pun”) Isn’t it for those who are 18? Eeeh LOL Like that has ever stopped someone Eh I already launched it Aim at the head If you see that a lot of blood is flying then you have succeeded But what happens here? No no no! Stop Now All the training you need is here! Okey?

Good! This is dads! You know that Take a new picture for my tinder Gamer dad! Was it good? Aah Nice!

Oliver I fixed so you can play with someone called Citrus or something Okey… Just sit here and start He is apparently the Swedish Ninja so that’s good Hello Mr Citron Nej he is Swedish! Hi Oliver. Should we take some wins live baccarat my now?

Are you thrilled? Let’s go! See if he can make an shoutout for you… or? Did he do it? What is wrong with this guy?

Has he done it? Noo… …Swedish Youtubers… What is this? It’s loading….

It’s loading super slow! You have to wish for a new CPU From your grandparents again for your birthday okey? Isn’t CS very old? Dad… What did you say now?

If you continue like this you will only have 1 hour if screen time Before bed tonight YES I’m happy for that…

Become A Dictator!

And now to the warm tropics of Tropico 6 by Limbic Entertainment. It’s the return of El Presidente as you choose to be a feared dictator or peace-loving statesman. Being developed now by Limbic Entertainment, multi-island archipelagos are a thing, along with more transportation options like bridges and tunnels. Election speeches are back too and you can customize yourself and your palace with a ton of style and color options. overall Overall it feels a lot like Tropico 5, but with some Tropico 4 stuff, which could be exactly what Tropico fans are looking for. Being in an open-beta has given us a closer look but it’s still riddled with bugs and plenty of stuff is missing. Targeting at January 2019 release, if all the kinks are worked out by then, Tropico 6 might actually have a chance to be the new favorite, – – or maybe it’s just trying to mix the wrong things… Our penultimate entry we’ve got Anno 1800 by Ubisoft Blue Byte. One of the most anticipated releases of 2019, Anno 1800 seems like it’s going back in time again after the series had a trip to the future. It’s the Industrial Revolution and you can be an innovator or an exploiter, an oppressor or a liberator.

Promising a classic Anno experience, it seems like it’s aiming for older fans and a story mode, campaigns, sandbox mode and multiplayer are available. Museums and zoos are a new thing too, modular buildings that you can customize and add to your collection. Gameplay has been revealed and it looks a lot like an upgraded Anno 1404. Which is what a lot of people want, but games like this, like Tropico 6, – – are always a balancing act of keeping what’s old and adding what’s new. Either way we’ll know what Anno 1800 is like for sure in February 2019. Finally there’s Lethis – Path of Progress 2 by Triskell Interactive. 2D, isometric city-building game heavily inspired by the old Impressions titles. Lethis takes the Walker system from games like Caesar 3 and Pharaoh, and brings it to a steampunk universe. The first game was okay, but got stuck with some unfortunate development issues, mainly to do with the game engine. This time though they’re developing in the more universal Unity, and it seems to have way more promise than the first game. The visual style looks to be a kind of European, Ghibli inspired artwork. Buildings will be modular and they’re aiming to improve upon all past mistakes.

Looking at a 2020 release, Lethis – Path of Progress 2 could be the kind of game many have been waiting for. Let’s just hope there aren’t the same kind of hiccups the first game encountered. Of course with an upcoming games list some are gonna be missed, as they’re announced over the years. So do check out the pinned comment and the description down below. But one hint we do have is Paradox Interactive is considering city-building games. They’ve even put out a survey asking people what they were looking for. So we could be seeing more city-building games coming from Paradox Interactive. And that’s it! That’s 22 upcoming city builders that should be releasing through 2019 and some into 2020, depending on their development. Which ones are you most interested in? Also, here’s something I’d like to know: Do you like these new experimental city-building games, or are you just into the classic kind of stuff? Personally I tend to enjoy the new approaches but always end up spending the most of my time with games from 20 years ago. Speaking of, if you’d like to see more city building content, check out my Caesar 3 special challenge playthrough, – – and plenty more city building content right here on the channel, or drop by the other 5 lists for this year where I talk about many many more games. Alright, that’s all for now. Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoyed it and found it useful, and I’ll see you in the next video! [Subtitles by Fairbuy]


Building Games Can Be Very Different

Buoyancy isn’t the only water world inspired city-builder let’s check out its competition. Still floating along we’ve got Flotsam by Pajama Llama Games Here’s another floating city-builder with a distinctly more colorful look to it. Scavenge, build and survive in this feel-good post-apocalyptic world, where you need to recycle as much as you can. You’ll also be able to steer your whole town across the endless ocean, encountering ruins, wildlife and garbage. coming to early access in 2019, Flotsam seems to be ship-shaping up to be a solid game, but will take a while before it’s completed. And the visual style isn’t gonna attract everyone, but if you do like the look of it then definitely check out Flotsam. Next we float on up to Atmocity by Correcture Games. Now for another floating city-building game, but don’t worry, it’s not a “Waterworld” again. It’s a zero-gravity sky world.

Atmocity allows you to build without the constraints of gravity placing things on their side or even upside down. It’s promising a campaign mode, a hundred building types and a retro mode where you can just build your city on the ground, But overall it’s looking a bit content light and very underdeveloped right now. Maybe once more gameplay’s worked on and revealed it could form up to be something a bit more substantial. But either way Atmocity is aiming for some kind of early 2019 release. And I’d just make sure to have a proper look to know what’s in the game, before jumping in. Finally back on terra firma, we’ve got Cliff Empire by Lion’s Shade. The earth has been devastated by radioactive fog and now you need to build cities in the mountains. Develop multiple cities at the same time, trade between them and research technologies, as you manage ecology and survive against the elements. A nice touch is that you can set the camera mode to orthographic, giving a more retro-feel. It looks interesting, but it’s also a smaller development where I’m concerned that it could end up lacking in content and gameplay.

Cliff Empire will be coming to Steam early access too, so hopefully player feedback will drive development forward so it can land in a good place. And now up onto another planet with Industries of Titan. By Brace Yourself Games. Calling itself an industrial, city-building, Sim, strategy game, it’s set on Saturn’s moon Titan. Some gameplay has been revealed and it doesn’t look like much else out there. You build a complex sprawling city, set up production lines, compete with other houses, design battleships, and there’s real time, with pause, tactical combat mechanics..? Your city’s influence and production increases your power, and you can battle using your technology, influence, ships or just raw production capabilities. I know this one’s a mix of a city-building and a strategy game, but it seems like the primary objective is still to grow your sprawling city, so I’ll keep it here. It sounds and looks interesting, but we’ll have to wait until closer to release before we get a clear idea of what kind of game Industries of Titan is gonna be.

Games About Good Old Soviet

And now we go to Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic by 3Division. Interestingly set with a Soviet theme, construct your own republic and turn a poor country into a rich powerhouse of production. You, the government, are in control of everything, so it’s up to you to succeed or fail. Manage resources for production lines, build efficient infrastructure, keep your citizens content, trade with other nations or build a self-sufficient nation if you want. All set in a ’60s to ’90s era world. It’s an interesting take on a city-builder and a not often seen setting That could be enough to set it apart, but gameplay will need to hold best casino bonuses to the concepts behind it. Early 2019 is when early access is meant to begin, so we’ll see how Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic comes together soon.

Then we move to Ostriv by Yevheniy . A Ukrainian inspired city building game. You take the role of an 18th century governor to create and manage your cities in story mode or creative sandbox. Organic town layouts, trading, customization and more are on the table along with mod support. As an indie development progress and updates can be a little slow, but the game has gone from blpha 1 to alpha 2 with noticeable improvements and a roadmap of what’s on the way. Notably overhauled UI, improved pathfinding and better graphics. The focus for alpha 2 is also adding in more content, so this is where we’ll see it go from a tech demo to an actual game. But it could be a while before Ostriv actually releases, so I would hold your breath if you’re waiting for the full version. And now for a game that’s been a bit of a hit: Foundation by Polymorph Games A grid-less city-builder set in medieval times that’s all about building organically.

Zone where houses go, pull and stretch buildings, add decorations and all of it has Costs and gameplay effects, besides looking unique. After trying some gameplay you really can build almost anywhere and things just adjust to fit the landscape. It still got some ways to go but updates are consistent and it’s very easy to lose track of time when playing Foundation. And right now the big focus is adding in more content and systems. It may or may not be a cup of tea, but there really isn’t too much else out there like this. So if you like the look of it go check out Foundation. Then we leave dry land and head to Buoyancy by Devs on a Boat. Build your floating city from rubbish as you harvest resources and survive against fires, sickness and storms. Build structures and set up supply chains, organize transportation of resources, keep your citizens happy and healthy, explore the ocean world and fend off pirates. Gameplay footage right now seems a little underdeveloped though, and I have to say that the animations are kind of weird. If it’s continued to be developed and refined over the next year or so then it could turn out to be something special, but that remains to be seen.

100 free spins, 100 jackpot chances at River Belle!

“I have asthma and find smoky casinos very unpleasant but I LOVE SLOTS I was just about to give up on my favorite hobby when I came across Jackpot City on the internet. That was almost two years ago and I have never looked back. I personally use a web wallet to buy chips so I know my details are safe, the call center knows me so well we’re basically long distance friends and with Belle Rock Buddy I can now even bid for stuff that I want for my home – a coffee machine to keep me going when I’m on a hot streak is going to be great 🙂 No matter how many other casinos are available online, Jackpot City you will always be my favorite.”

Slot Queen – Fl.

Jackpot City Online Casino is without doubt one of the most innovative gambling sites on the web. With fantastic promotions on a monthly and even weekly basis, even the most cynical of Players can find something to take them to the next level of online casino enjoyment. The extraordinary game play and unique casino software ensures an exhilarating Player experience that is rivaled only by the fact that the payouts for winners are extremely high and frequent. The hassle-free payout rate also ensures that all winners have access to a fast and efficient system that allows them to claim all winnings within a short period of time.

The BIGGEST online Jackpot EVER!

The “Home Of The Biggest Jackpots”, Jackpot City Online Casino, is offering you the chance to win big on one of their progressives slots! Olivier C. from Switzerland recently won the BIGGEST Internet progressive payout EVER with a whopping $389,843.85 on Treasure Nile, the Egyptian-themed progressive jackpot slot! YOU too could be the next big winner!

PLUS, if you join the “Home of The Biggest Jackpots” today, they’ll GIVE you $50 FREE when you buy casino chips worth $50! That’s an awesome 100% matched purchase bonus to start you on your winning ways!

Pokies Machines

Pokies machines are easy to play

Unlike poker and Blackjack, which require plenty of learning, playing pokies machines is easy and straightforward. Only pokies machines offer big, life-changing jackpots – a single spin can make you rich.

As soon as you purchase some credits you’re ready to play. For online pokies, you normally buy the credits with your credit card, and in land-based casinos pokies machines are fitted with bill and coin acceptors.

To play, you either pull the handle or press a button, depending on how the machine is constructed. The things you decide on are:

  • The number of credits you are betting
  • The number of pay-lines
    Reel-spinning machines can have a single pay-line, but the ones with 3 or 5 pay-lines are not uncommon. Video slots can have a lot more pay-lines than reel-spinning machines, some even up to 50.
  • Gamble
    This feature is only available when you win. It allows you to double (or multiply) your winnings by betting on natural odds.

Your chances of winning at pokies machines

Each pokies machine is pre-configured to give back a set payout percentage.

In Australia, the payout cannot be less than 87%. Most pokies machines are set to return a\round 90%, give or take 2-3%. In ALL cases the payout is less than 100%. Having a payout of over 100% would mean that the casino is bound to lose money in the long run.

The fact that the payout is below 100% means that in the long run the chances of the casino are greater than the chances of the players.

It is important to note that the payout probability is the same for every spin. For example, let’s say that the payout is set at 90%. If you make 10 bets of $10 each, the mathematical probability is that you’ll get $90. Once the pokies machine is in operation, the percentage is a constant – whether you’ve just had a series of wins or a series of losses does not affect the probability for the next spin. It is therefore impossible to win consistently over thousands of spins.

In the shorter run, you can either win or lose. Your potential losses are limited to the amount of money you put into the pokies machine. Your winnings are limited to the size of the jackpot.

To limit the risk, pubs usually limit the size of the jackpot to $10,000. Not bad, but hardly a life-changing event. Online pokies can have the jackpot that goes into millions of dollars – so one lucky spin can make you a rich person overnight.

Play pokies to win BIG

To play pokies is terrific fun, but winning big money requires both skill and luck. Pokies are the king of all casino games – some people believe that games like blackjack give you better chances of winning, but they simply don’t have the facts:

Fact #1: Because everyone loves them, pokies give you the BEST chances of winning – when you play at online casinos with returns of 97%+ (scroll down for the best ones).

Fact #2: When you play pokies and hit a jackpot you’re rich – instantly! You’d have to win hundreds of times at blackjack for the same effect.

In short, if you want to win BIG money, play pokies! For instance, all it takes is ONE LUCKY SPIN at a place like Spin Palace with the progressive jackpot of over $4 million! Just imagine all the life changing amazing things you could do with the jackpot… leave your job, take a dream holiday, buy that new car you’ve always wanted…

How do you win money at pokies? If you’re new to pokies, make sure to avoid the ten biggest online gambling mistakes that all beginners are making. Then, follow the pokies strategy on how to win slots machines, and an exciting and entertaining way to spend your time will also put the money into your pocket. Others have become rich playing pokies, so why not you? But remember, you gotta be in it to win it!

Play pokies at online casinos with HUGE jackpots
Why? Because when you win that jackpot, you want to walk away with the top dollar, not with lunch-money.

Below are reputable and certified places to play pokies that give you:

Great returns
The minimum average returns for Aussie pokies in pubs and land-based casinos is 87%, with 90% the highest. This makes it very hard for players to win. Online casinos feature way better returns, with 92% to 95% returns, thanks to the fierce competition, a global audience and low overheads. The ones we list here give back massive 97% to 99%, and when you take the top FREE bonus when you sign-up, the scales tip to your favor!

Fantastic sign-up bonuses
Make sure you go for at least $500 (or $1,000 or more there’s a chance). That way, you can keep your sign-up money stashed and play with the bonus money, and don’t forget to collect your loyalty points, which you can convert into prizes or money.

Spectacular free prizes
Instead of paying for prime-time TV advertising, the pokies places give sometimes free prizes that are sometimes truly amazing like a holiday cruise or a new car. It’s good promotion for them, and a terrific freebie for you.
Only the best online casinos will give you the choice between Instant Play – where no download needed, and a completely free download of their pokies software.With downloaded software, you have the option of playing with Practice Money only! Great way to practice for the real thing.

Online Fruit Machines

If you wish to add more excitement to the pokies games you play, have a go at online fruit machines.

Online fruit machines

Despite all the bells and whistles that have been added to pokies over time, fruit machines defy the odds by their continuing popularity.

Why? For one thing, they’re beautifully animated, exciting and simple to play. However, let’s not forget that online fruit machines often give excellent returns to players and jackpots that can only be described as huge, and I mean HUGE.

If you’d like to see exactly how much you stand to win when you hit a jackpot, take a peek at what ONE SPIN can get you.

Popular machines mean more players, and more players mean more money is being brought into the game to distribute to the winners. On top of that, shrewd online casino operators have realized that by returning as much as 97% to 99% they do well because there are more people playing the game.

That does it mean to you?

First, that apart from enjoying the game, online fruit machines can put the money into your pocket.

Second, that there are multitudes of progressive jackpots, with each of them enough to make you rich with a single lucky spin.
While they are played the same way, there are many advantages to playing the online version of fruit machines over the ones found in casinos. You can take your time to contemplate your moves with online fruit machines, can win bigger payouts, can enjoy the very latest machines, and have access to many resources on the Internet that help players hone their skills where the online version of the game is concerned. These features all make the online versions of fruit machines a lucrative and exciting alternative to their casino counterparts.

Regardless of whether you download or play instantly, it is a good idea to go for “play-money”, have some spins and and see how everything works before opting to play for real money. When you do decide to play for real money, make sure you get a big sign-up bonus – because this allows you to keep your own money safely aside and play with the bonus money!

Myths And Facts About Slots

With many casino games it does not take much to tell how they operate – take roulette for example. With slots, things are somewhat different – telling what your winning chances are is not straightforward, which is why there are many misconceptions regarding slots. Here we endeavor to separate the facts from myths.

“Hot” and “cold” machines

When they have a long losing streak, gamblers refer to a slots machine as “cold”. Likewise, a “hot” machine is supposedly predisposed to give rather than take. When you observe a slots machine for a while, it indeed may appear that trends are developing, with winning streaks alternating with losing ones.

However, the cycles are just an illusion – the probability of winning or losing remains the same after every spin. It does not matter how the previous spin ended, or 10 or 1,000 previous spins. If a machine just served a winning combination, the probability of another one following is just the same as it is after any other spin.

The chances of winning

Each slots machine is configured to give back a certain percentage to the players. This may not be evident in the short run. As an experiment, try tossing a coin 10 times. The probability of getting heads is the same as the probability of getting tails, 50% each, but when you toss the coin only 10 times chances are you’ll get the distribution of 6-4 or 7-3 for one side of the coin. The percentage evens out over time, after many tosses.

Likewise, in the short run you may win or lose money playing slots machines; in the long run, the probabilities are always somewhat skewed in favor of the casino, otherwise they would not be able to stay in business.

The question is, exactly how big are your chances? This varies from place to place, and even from machine to machine within the same establishment. Here are some guidelines:

  • New online casinos and small enterprises can ill-afford to lose because their funds are very limited, so they are generally more stingy with the returns to players than well-established places.
  • Land-based casinos have big overheads – personnel, security, equipment, electricity and you name it, and to compensate for it the return they give to players can be as low as 87%.
  • Online casinos have smaller overheads, but stiffer competition – after all, physical proximity is not an issue and another online casino is only a few clicks away. Top online casinos return 98% to the players, or even more. They rely on greater numbers of players and providing greater excitement because your chances of winning are considerably better compared to land-based casinos.
  • Within the same online casino, different machines may give different percentages back to players. This difference tells more the longer you play. If you play regularly, it is a good idea to play with small bets at first and eliminate the games that return low percentages, and than increase your bets when playing games that return more.

When is the machine due for a jackpot?

We all have a deeply set sense of justice. After being on a losing streak for a while, you may feel that you are due for a win. Who knows, you might be – but when you win it will not be because of the cosmic justice, but because slots is a game of chance 🙂

You definitely CAN increase your winning chances by playing in a reputable and well-established online casino, and finding the games that return more (see best slots) – beyond that it is a matter of luck.

When are your chances of winning greater than chances of losing?

Contrary to popular belief, the house chances are not always greater than yours. For example card-counting in Blackjack is known to give a player an advantage over the casino – but this is offset by the fact that the vast majority of players are not card-counters and make plenty of mistakes, giving casinos healthy profits.

Likewise, online casinos frequently run promotions that can tip the scales in your favor when you add the welcome bonus, loyalty points, huge jackpots and other rewards together. You enjoy better odds for as long as the number of losers is slightly bigger than the number of winners.

Gambling Today – Almost a Must

Those who find only discouragement in the apparent public apathy concerning the great and growing evil of gambling at the race tracks, and other hazards of large or small fortunes which it encourages and keeps alive, should not lose heart nor remit such effort as they are able to make to impress those within their sphere of influence with the social inexpediency, if not the moral sinfulness, of gambling in every form.

The word ‘gambling’ signifies an action by which an individual wagers money or something which has material worth in a bid to gain back additional money.

Over the years many forms of gambles have evolved and along with it institutions supporting such activities developed. The horse racing, dog racing, betting and casinos have taken shape promoting gambling in mass scale and generating huge revenue from gamblers.

Although gambling is considered a detestable practice by the society and religion but in today’s stressful environment many have found solace in this particularly malicious practice.

Many have earned millions by investing a meager amount and are considered the lucky few. But often gamblers lose heavily and are driven into the addiction of gambling purely because they want to win back the astronomical amounts that they have lost while gambling. Gambling is often referred to as the game of the rich but it is not really so. Even the impoverished is drawn into this vicious cycle. In small towns, local bars act as casinos where often a game of card is commenced over money. Gambling is a social scourge. People not only become broke but they often resort to violence to get back the money they had lost. In some cases murders have been committed.

Online Casino for VIP Players

There are several steps you have to go through before becoming well-versed on online casino games. There is this part when you are to think carefully which is more applicable to you- the downloaded ones, or those that you manually play online. Then slowly you need to gain understanding how casino games work. You ought to know the types of games available, and pick that one which caters to your needs and preferences.

Next, if you are already familiar with the gaming procedure, you can take your passion for casino to the next level, and join tournaments. You can even go after promotions. But if you are a loyal client, casino gaming providers also provide VIP treatment and bonus rewards. That sometimes, you cannot help to push that click now button. Your frequent gaming will also pay off in terms of being a valued customer. You will be receiving notifications on the latest deals offered by the site. You get to be among the first ones to know about latest updates on casino tournaments.

Online casino VIP Slots is always happy to help its users and to make their gaming experience even more pleasant. For the purposes of its clients` convenience VIP Slots provides players with FAQ section, as well as the options to ask any question via feedback form on the site, telephone (North American and International) and Live Chat. The Customer Support team operates 24/7.

VIP Slots Casino comprises:

(a) reliable online casino,

(b) great games options,

(c) generous bonuses and promotions,

(d) convenient banking,

(e) useful support

All the casino players need to get a wonderful and profitable gaming experience of the VIP class.