Building Games Can Be Very Different

Buoyancy isn’t the only water world inspired city-builder let’s check out its competition. Still floating along we’ve got Flotsam by Pajama Llama Games Here’s another floating city-builder with a distinctly more colorful look to it. Scavenge, build and survive in this feel-good post-apocalyptic world, where you need to recycle as much as you can. You’ll also be able to steer your whole town across the endless ocean, encountering ruins, wildlife and garbage. coming to early access in 2019, Flotsam seems to be ship-shaping up to be a solid game, but will take a while before it’s completed. And the visual style isn’t gonna attract everyone, but if you do like the look of it then definitely check out Flotsam. Next we float on up to Atmocity by Correcture Games. Now for another floating city-building game, but don’t worry, it’s not a “Waterworld” again. It’s a zero-gravity sky world.

Atmocity allows you to build without the constraints of gravity placing things on their side or even upside down. It’s promising a campaign mode, a hundred building types and a retro mode where you can just build your city on the ground, But overall it’s looking a bit content light and very underdeveloped right now. Maybe once more gameplay’s worked on and revealed it could form up to be something a bit more substantial. But either way Atmocity is aiming for some kind of early 2019 release. And I’d just make sure to have a proper look to know what’s in the game, before jumping in. Finally back on terra firma, we’ve got Cliff Empire by Lion’s Shade. The earth has been devastated by radioactive fog and now you need to build cities in the mountains. Develop multiple cities at the same time, trade between them and research technologies, as you manage ecology and survive against the elements. A nice touch is that you can set the camera mode to orthographic, giving a more retro-feel. It looks interesting, but it’s also a smaller development where I’m concerned that it could end up lacking in content and gameplay.

Cliff Empire will be coming to Steam early access too, so hopefully player feedback will drive development forward so it can land in a good place. And now up onto another planet with Industries of Titan. By Brace Yourself Games. Calling itself an industrial, city-building, Sim, strategy game, it’s set on Saturn’s moon Titan. Some gameplay has been revealed and it doesn’t look like much else out there. You build a complex sprawling city, set up production lines, compete with other houses, design battleships, and there’s real time, with pause, tactical combat mechanics..? Your city’s influence and production increases your power, and you can battle using your technology, influence, ships or just raw production capabilities. I know this one’s a mix of a city-building and a strategy game, but it seems like the primary objective is still to grow your sprawling city, so I’ll keep it here. It sounds and looks interesting, but we’ll have to wait until closer to release before we get a clear idea of what kind of game Industries of Titan is gonna be.