Games About Good Old Soviet

And now we go to Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic by 3Division. Interestingly set with a Soviet theme, construct your own republic and turn a poor country into a rich powerhouse of production. You, the government, are in control of everything, so it’s up to you to succeed or fail. Manage resources for production lines, build efficient infrastructure, keep your citizens content, trade with other nations or build a self-sufficient nation if you want. All set in a ’60s to ’90s era world. It’s an interesting take on a city-builder and a not often seen setting That could be enough to set it apart, but gameplay will need to hold best casino bonuses to the concepts behind it. Early 2019 is when early access is meant to begin, so we’ll see how Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic comes together soon.

Then we move to Ostriv by Yevheniy . A Ukrainian inspired city building game. You take the role of an 18th century governor to create and manage your cities in story mode or creative sandbox. Organic town layouts, trading, customization and more are on the table along with mod support. As an indie development progress and updates can be a little slow, but the game has gone from blpha 1 to alpha 2 with noticeable improvements and a roadmap of what’s on the way. Notably overhauled UI, improved pathfinding and better graphics. The focus for alpha 2 is also adding in more content, so this is where we’ll see it go from a tech demo to an actual game. But it could be a while before Ostriv actually releases, so I would hold your breath if you’re waiting for the full version. And now for a game that’s been a bit of a hit: Foundation by Polymorph Games A grid-less city-builder set in medieval times that’s all about building organically.

Zone where houses go, pull and stretch buildings, add decorations and all of it has Costs and gameplay effects, besides looking unique. After trying some gameplay you really can build almost anywhere and things just adjust to fit the landscape. It still got some ways to go but updates are consistent and it’s very easy to lose track of time when playing Foundation. And right now the big focus is adding in more content and systems. It may or may not be a cup of tea, but there really isn’t too much else out there like this. So if you like the look of it go check out Foundation. Then we leave dry land and head to Buoyancy by Devs on a Boat. Build your floating city from rubbish as you harvest resources and survive against fires, sickness and storms. Build structures and set up supply chains, organize transportation of resources, keep your citizens happy and healthy, explore the ocean world and fend off pirates. Gameplay footage right now seems a little underdeveloped though, and I have to say that the animations are kind of weird. If it’s continued to be developed and refined over the next year or so then it could turn out to be something special, but that remains to be seen.