Pokies Machines

Pokies machines are easy to play

Unlike poker and Blackjack, which require plenty of learning, playing pokies machines is easy and straightforward. Only pokies machines offer big, life-changing jackpots – a single spin can make you rich.

As soon as you purchase some credits you’re ready to play. For online pokies, you normally buy the credits with your credit card, and in land-based casinos pokies machines are fitted with bill and coin acceptors.

To play, you either pull the handle or press a button, depending on how the machine is constructed. The things you decide on are:

  • The number of credits you are betting
  • The number of pay-lines
    Reel-spinning machines can have a single pay-line, but the ones with 3 or 5 pay-lines are not uncommon. Video slots can have a lot more pay-lines than reel-spinning machines, some even up to 50.
  • Gamble
    This feature is only available when you win. It allows you to double (or multiply) your winnings by betting on natural odds.

Your chances of winning at pokies machines

Each pokies machine is pre-configured to give back a set payout percentage.

In Australia, the payout cannot be less than 87%. Most pokies machines are set to return a\round 90%, give or take 2-3%. In ALL cases the payout is less than 100%. Having a payout of over 100% would mean that the casino is bound to lose money in the long run.

The fact that the payout is below 100% means that in the long run the chances of the casino are greater than the chances of the players.

It is important to note that the payout probability is the same for every spin. For example, let’s say that the payout is set at 90%. If you make 10 bets of $10 each, the mathematical probability is that you’ll get $90. Once the pokies machine is in operation, the percentage is a constant – whether you’ve just had a series of wins or a series of losses does not affect the probability for the next spin. It is therefore impossible to win consistently over thousands of spins.

In the shorter run, you can either win or lose. Your potential losses are limited to the amount of money you put into the pokies machine. Your winnings are limited to the size of the jackpot.

To limit the risk, pubs usually limit the size of the jackpot to $10,000. Not bad, but hardly a life-changing event. Online pokies can have the jackpot that goes into millions of dollars – so one lucky spin can make you a rich person overnight.