Pokies Machines

Pokies machines are easy to play

Unlike poker and Blackjack, which require plenty of learning, playing pokies machines is easy and straightforward. Only pokies machines offer big, life-changing jackpots – a single spin can make you rich.

As soon as you purchase some credits you’re ready to play. For online pokies, you normally buy the credits with your credit card, and in land-based casinos pokies machines are fitted with bill and coin acceptors.

To play, you either pull the handle or press a button, depending on how the machine is constructed. The things you decide on are:

  • The number of credits you are betting
  • The number of pay-lines
    Reel-spinning machines can have a single pay-line, but the ones with 3 or 5 pay-lines are not uncommon. Video slots can have a lot more pay-lines than reel-spinning machines, some even up to 50.
  • Gamble
    This feature is only available when you win. It allows you to double (or multiply) your winnings by betting on natural odds.

Your chances of winning at pokies machines

Each pokies machine is pre-configured to give back a set payout percentage.

In Australia, the payout cannot be less than 87%. Most pokies machines are set to return a\round 90%, give or take 2-3%. In ALL cases the payout is less than 100%. Having a payout of over 100% would mean that the casino is bound to lose money in the long run.

The fact that the payout is below 100% means that in the long run the chances of the casino are greater than the chances of the players.

It is important to note that the payout probability is the same for every spin. For example, let’s say that the payout is set at 90%. If you make 10 bets of $10 each, the mathematical probability is that you’ll get $90. Once the pokies machine is in operation, the percentage is a constant – whether you’ve just had a series of wins or a series of losses does not affect the probability for the next spin. It is therefore impossible to win consistently over thousands of spins.

In the shorter run, you can either win or lose. Your potential losses are limited to the amount of money you put into the pokies machine. Your winnings are limited to the size of the jackpot.

To limit the risk, pubs usually limit the size of the jackpot to $10,000. Not bad, but hardly a life-changing event. Online pokies can have the jackpot that goes into millions of dollars – so one lucky spin can make you a rich person overnight.

Play pokies to win BIG

To play pokies is terrific fun, but winning big money requires both skill and luck. Pokies are the king of all casino games – some people believe that games like blackjack give you better chances of winning, but they simply don’t have the facts:

Fact #1: Because everyone loves them, pokies give you the BEST chances of winning – when you play at online casinos with returns of 97%+ (scroll down for the best ones).

Fact #2: When you play pokies and hit a jackpot you’re rich – instantly! You’d have to win hundreds of times at blackjack for the same effect.

In short, if you want to win BIG money, play pokies! For instance, all it takes is ONE LUCKY SPIN at a place like Spin Palace with the progressive jackpot of over $4 million! Just imagine all the life changing amazing things you could do with the jackpot… leave your job, take a dream holiday, buy that new car you’ve always wanted…

How do you win money at pokies? If you’re new to pokies, make sure to avoid the ten biggest online gambling mistakes that all beginners are making. Then, follow the pokies strategy on how to win slots machines, and an exciting and entertaining way to spend your time will also put the money into your pocket. Others have become rich playing pokies, so why not you? But remember, you gotta be in it to win it!

Play pokies at online casinos with HUGE jackpots
Why? Because when you win that jackpot, you want to walk away with the top dollar, not with lunch-money.

Below are reputable and certified places to play pokies that give you:

Great returns
The minimum average returns for Aussie pokies in pubs and land-based casinos is 87%, with 90% the highest. This makes it very hard for players to win. Online casinos feature way better returns, with 92% to 95% returns, thanks to the fierce competition, a global audience and low overheads. The ones we list here give back massive 97% to 99%, and when you take the top FREE bonus when you sign-up, the scales tip to your favor!

Fantastic sign-up bonuses
Make sure you go for at least $500 (or $1,000 or more there’s a chance). That way, you can keep your sign-up money stashed and play with the bonus money, and don’t forget to collect your loyalty points, which you can convert into prizes or money.

Spectacular free prizes
Instead of paying for prime-time TV advertising, the pokies places give sometimes free prizes that are sometimes truly amazing like a holiday cruise or a new car. It’s good promotion for them, and a terrific freebie for you.
Only the best online casinos will give you the choice between Instant Play – where no download needed, and a completely free download of their pokies software.With downloaded software, you have the option of playing with Practice Money only! Great way to practice for the real thing.

Online Fruit Machines

If you wish to add more excitement to the pokies games you play, have a go at online fruit machines.

Online fruit machines

Despite all the bells and whistles that have been added to pokies over time, fruit machines defy the odds by their continuing popularity.

Why? For one thing, they’re beautifully animated, exciting and simple to play. However, let’s not forget that online fruit machines often give excellent returns to players and jackpots that can only be described as huge, and I mean HUGE.

If you’d like to see exactly how much you stand to win when you hit a jackpot, take a peek at what ONE SPIN can get you.

Popular machines mean more players, and more players mean more money is being brought into the game to distribute to the winners. On top of that, shrewd online casino operators have realized that by returning as much as 97% to 99% they do well because there are more people playing the game.

That does it mean to you?

First, that apart from enjoying the game, online fruit machines can put the money into your pocket.

Second, that there are multitudes of progressive jackpots, with each of them enough to make you rich with a single lucky spin.
While they are played the same way, there are many advantages to playing the online version of fruit machines over the ones found in casinos. You can take your time to contemplate your moves with online fruit machines, can win bigger payouts, can enjoy the very latest machines, and have access to many resources on the Internet that help players hone their skills where the online version of the game is concerned. These features all make the online versions of fruit machines a lucrative and exciting alternative to their casino counterparts.

Regardless of whether you download or play instantly, it is a good idea to go for “play-money”, have some spins and and see how everything works before opting to play for real money. When you do decide to play for real money, make sure you get a big sign-up bonus – because this allows you to keep your own money safely aside and play with the bonus money!