Esports Tips and Tricks

Did you see? mmm What a noob!! You said you can’t say the N-word! No I know That was dumb my bad You said that only noobs can say that word to eachother Yeah I know, It’s pretty accurate Look do you see?! Hips first like this Look!

You do it! Like This? No one likes tryhards mmm Hey!

No we were only stretching a bit! Before, I mean between the gaming sessions, I’m not crazy You can’t sit for too long, right Oliver Look! I like this one! INFINITE DAB! It’s much more fun if you also do it!

Prefect that you guys are back Today we will play Ninja It’s crazy! Well Oliver had to skip school to prectice his aim and his english We have practised some sentences like Oh Ninja you are so good It would be a shame if you would send all you 20 million subscribers to my little channel The laugh at the end is very important I didn’t go to school this week but but we did practise english I will tell my teacher that Like that, Good there Like that okey! Have you overclocked your GPU as I said?

What did he say? Remember, be cute now! Do you like dogs?

I love dogs! What?! What did he say?

HELLO NINJAS SORRY CAN YOU PLEASE SHOUTOUT THE CHANNEL AND MAYBE GIVE OLIVER ALL YOUR SUBSCRIBERS? DUDE ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?! What did he say? He said that he would think about it… Okej good! We are gonna be famous! It’s totaly crazy.

Next goal has to be to play with Ali-A For you that don’t get it Oliver has played golf with Zlatan Ibrahimovic Live on Kunskapkanalen! (similar to Discovery Channel) Haa what a thing! And I fixed it! Now it’s time to play some games Remember what I told you But You are… No!

You are 12 now, it’s time to switch game to CS! So you can shoot some HS and stuff like that (swedish “pun”) Isn’t it for those who are 18? Eeeh LOL Like that has ever stopped someone Eh I already launched it Aim at the head If you see that a lot of blood is flying then you have succeeded But what happens here? No no no! Stop Now All the training you need is here! Okey?

Good! This is dads! You know that Take a new picture for my tinder Gamer dad! Was it good? Aah Nice!

Oliver I fixed so you can play with someone called Citrus or something Okey… Just sit here and start He is apparently the Swedish Ninja so that’s good Hello Mr Citron Nej he is Swedish! Hi Oliver. Should we take some wins live baccarat my now?

Are you thrilled? Let’s go! See if he can make an shoutout for you… or? Did he do it? What is wrong with this guy?

Has he done it? Noo… …Swedish Youtubers… What is this? It’s loading….

It’s loading super slow! You have to wish for a new CPU From your grandparents again for your birthday okey? Isn’t CS very old? Dad… What did you say now?

If you continue like this you will only have 1 hour if screen time Before bed tonight YES I’m happy for that…